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How Do I Know When it’s Time to Clean My Pool Deck?

How Do I Know When it's Time to Clean My Pool Deck_ - blog

Having those nice quiet days out by the pool can quickly become interrupted once dirt, stains, and other contaminants become a noticeable eyesore. Even worse, if your deck has become uncomfortably unclean throughout the year, you may be faced with more than just nasty dirt to look at. A dirty deck can lead to bacteria buildup and even cause other unsafe risks if left neglected.

Excessive Dirt and Stains

There is nothing worse than taking in the sun and the beautiful day than having to take it in on a dirty pool deck. Over time without regular cleaning, dirt and stains can become excessive and can even make it impossible to entertain yourself and others on your pool deck. However, with a thorough and efficient pressure wash, you will not have to worry about dirt making your day by the pool uncomfortable.

Algae and Moss Take Over

Commonly green in color, algae and moss are common on pool decks, especially if it hasn’t been cleaned in a long time. This easily identifiable disgusting growth can be seen on mats, films, and patches on the surface of stone, brick, and concrete. A single-cell plant lacking roots, algae is known to grow in damp, low-light areas as well as in sunlight. This is also a sign of when it is time to clean your pool deck.

While algae may lack roots and structure, moss is just the opposite. Requiring sunlight, moss can be a really annoying eyesore. Without proper cleaning, algae and moss will only continue to grow, making it unbearable to look at and enjoy your time on your pool deck. It is best to tackle the problem early in order to avoid extreme growth and other problems.

Mold Growth

While mold does not require sunlight, it does require moisture to grow. Mold also requires an organic food source for it to grow and spread. Generally black in color, mold can also be red, orange, brown, or yellow. Recognizing when mold has started to take over your pool deck is important. Regular cleaning will eliminate and remove the mold growth and remove the worry of you not being able to enjoy your day next to the pool.

The Sticky Sap

If you have trees near your pool deck, then tree sap may become a nuisance, making it hard to spend your time by the pool and also making it hard to walk on your pool deck. However, this sticky nuisance is not only a headache to look at, but it can also be a nightmare if you have pets that hang out near the pool deck as well. Once the sticky sap gets into the fur of your pet, removing it can become even more of a nuisance than looking at it, which is why regular pool deck cleaning is a must if you have trees near your pool deck area. 

Don’t let dirt, stains, mold, and moss continue to make your days next to the pool unbearable. If you are not experienced with pressure washing hardscape surfaces, then hiring a reliable and trusted professional will help with removing the dirt and other contaminants on your pool deck.